Have you ever lost a chunk of your life?  All of your memories and recorded thoughts vanished or were destroyed and years of your life were left to fading memories alone? Maybe there is a house fire and all your pictures are burned or maybe a flood.  If you're like me, you moved home from Los Angeles without finalizing a series of data DVDs and could never get a computer to open them. 

Well, two days ago I opened these DVDs and there were four that were full of pictures.  Pictures of places I've been, band tours, my old apartments, every fucking picture I ever took from 2002-2009 is suddenly back in my life.  I can't get enough of looking through them.  Pictures of my fucking grandpop. 
I just found this recording.  It is a short explanation of why Red States exist.  I recorded it while under the influence of LSD I acquired in the wonderful state of Ohio on a long Fat City Reprise tour.  I had been on my first long trip out of the city, I was 24, and by the time I recorded this rant, I had spent three weeks in an RV traversing the Midwest and playing shows, drinking beers, and meeting people. My mind was blown well before the drug first trickled down the dried up creek beds of my spinal cord. 
I thought that the Potent Brew Nation would appreciate it.  In other PBP news, Anthony and I are getting the band back together for a full scale invasion of the 2016 Democratic National Convention.  They picked the wrong city to hold it at if they were expecting not to have the swift, hard hand of old fashioned journalism right on their gullet. Stay tuned for details and travel well. 

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