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Tonight started off hot and got heated.  Mark (of Mark's watch) joins us on the couch with tales of gambling winnings, big losers, and robbing casinos blind as we discover that Johnny has a gambling problem. Topic include Atlantic City, theft, meth, the mafia, DMT, death, ego, evolution, creationism, the Bible, and as always marijuana. 

Another away game for the Brewers, this time we're in Wilmington, Delaware with PHD Quest and Chris from Broken Sound Recordings, live in QUESTLAB! @PNauticExpress dabbles in some mycelium and normal Brew fun breaks out.  Topics include music, psychedelics, travel, seafood, and a hell of a lot more that I can't remember because we was toe up. 
Instead of commercials, we've included skits from Questlab.  
Musical selections for this episode are as follows:
1) Hall of the Mountain King as Arranged and Performed by PHD Quest
2) Sundry by Southwork
3) Hot for Teacher by Van Halen
4) Einstein's Noggin by Cheers Elephant
5) The Bishop by El Fuego (Joe Reno)
6) Combination of the Two by Big Brother and the Holding Company
7) Jumbo Shrimp by Cheers Elephant. 

With 11 left to go The Brew brings in the big guns, Dr. Timaree from "Sex with Timaree' Podcast and new found friend Dom to discuss sex, racism, media, education, BigBrother, NSA, pop culture, 'The Road", Collapse and more. Please check out Sex with Timaree on iTunes. 


There is a special election on May 20th in Philadelphia. NA Poe of @thepanichour is throwing his hat in the ring. Poe @Poe4CityCouncil is running on the Libertarian Ticket and has some interesting campaign promises and wants to make sure that City Council is up to snuff. Johnny Zito also stops in to discuss Captain America 2, Marvel in general and more in the world of Comics. 


Tonight, Ant couldn't make it but Nick, Al Bruno, PNauticExpress, and Johnny Hotcakes held it down.  We talked about a LOT, great classic episode covering the most overrated generals of United States history, the Civil War, the Transcontinental Railroad, Apollo 8, Apollo 10, Apollo 11, Buzz Aldrin, Harry Belafonte, Nick's New Book and some super trippy science vs God stuff with Pnautic and Al facing off!

Nick is back with tales of boudain, cracklins, interstates, acid, mushrooms, and everything in between.  Ant's friend Dom joins us for some talk about the missing Malaysian flight, the New World Order, and the military industrial complex.  Nick announces that his first book is almost ready for the masses and Ant smokes too much pot while Johnny Hotcakes gets a contact high. 

Dylan Comes back from his long southern journey and we speak with Mark Booth. Booth who goes by Jonathan Black as his UK pen name and has written several books about the secret societies. Great time with both guests.. Next week the return of Nick, Stay Tuned


Guess who's Back? Back Again, Mink is Back... JESUS H CHRIST! This guy in what will be known as his most relaxed showing to date. We discuss getting 302'd, language, pop culture, and more

We're BACK! New Brew with friends of the show Aaron, & Al. Special convo with John & Artist Tim Urlacher via Skype from Montana. Conversations include: CosmosTV, Turkey, Philly Politics, MOVE, and much more. Next week DirtyDevoe joins us with his first appearance to the show. 


We are back and take it slow this week bringing back Kourtney Williams. Kourtney is an artist and friend of the show. Topics discussed: movies, pop culture, comedian Mike Boschetti, and more

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